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I set out to find a cat groomer, having never used one before. After finding Peak to Peak Grooming and Heidi, I highly recommend her, particularly with cats (I have no experience with dog groomers). She was firm yet gentle to my cat, and got the job done with minimal stress, especially when he displayed serious dislike of his hind quarters or tail worked on. I really appreciated when she guided me to not shave his entire torso, which I assumed was extreme but standard cat grooming. She pointed out it wasn't necessary as she got the upper matted knots out with a comb instead of a clipper. 

-Laura T

Heidi is Amazing!
Heidi does an amazing job. I have a schnoodle who hates getting his hair done & she really makes sure that he is taken care of. She tries to make sure his stay is as short as possible which is perfect. When I came back to grab my dog he wasn't even barking which is amazing! So if you have a dog that isn't keen on getting groomed, go here.

-Marissa T


 Owner Heidi Stein WIth  emma

I started Peak to Peak Grooming in 2000 and my mission and goal has always stayed the same: take care of my customers pets like they're my own.  It's my priority that your pet has a pleasant and safe grooming experience.  

Superb Groomer 
Heidi is a superb groomer who also has a magical way with cats. Cats ordinarily regard grooming in the category of Apocalypse Now, but with Heidi even the most panicky and finicky settle into her arms as though they would just as soon stay there forever. She does exactly what I ask and the cats--three very long-haired Persians--are completely cooperative and calm, a very uncatlike reaction. 

-Cathy C


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